Miguel Ledezma's Portfolio


About Me

I am a sophmore student at Adamson High School and I am also a part of the Collegiate Academy.

The Collegiate Academy is a great way to get prepared for college-level work and classes. It can show you many skills needed for college and the real world like time-management, research skills, study skills and many more.

My goals for this year are to pass each class and to get a job.

I have learned about coding a webpage and how to write a script for a movie. I have also learned to annotate a text so that I could find different types of figurative language.

FTP Process

FTP stands for file transfer protocal which means the moving of files form a client file to a server where it can be seen.The FTP Process is one where you make your webpage live and able to be seen on the internet. It can also be very time consuming if you have a lot of files that you have to transfer and also depends on your ftp.